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10 questions answered

Q. What would you say your style of photography is?

A. I'd say I'm very much a documentary photographer, but with a hint of traditional thrown in too. I love telling stories with photos and my aim is to take you back to how you felt at the moment the photo was taken. I do still do the occasional "posed" shot but mostly I like to get those candid moments.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Absolutely. I have Public Liability Insurance up to £5m and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Q. Do you have more than one camera?

A. Yes, I have two main cameras. This is most helpful when I'm using two different lenses but if the situation ever arose where one camera failed (or  I dropped and smashed it) the other would be my backup.

Q. Do we get all of the original photos from our wedding or other photo shoots?

A. Once the shoot is finished I go through a vigorous editing process to make sure you are getting the best of the best. As we're in a digital world this means a lot of the photos will be duplicates and they may be deleted for one reason or another; someone blinked or pulled a funny face just at the wrong moment (it happens all the time). Once that initial process has been completed the final images will be edited to the style you see across this site and delivered to you for your enjoyment. I never provide RAW files as it's an unfinished product. This would be like giving you the ingredients for baking a loaf of bread when you've paid for the loaf baked and slived! For wedding and engagement/pre-wedding photography you'll be given all of the final edited photos as digital files via the online gallery. For other shoots it will depend on the print package you've chosen, but you'll be able to view all of the final edited images for you to make your choices.

Q. How many photos will I get?

A. I never promise a set amount of photos. I've always been very much about quality over quantity and I wouldn't ever want to be a in a position where I've promised you a set amount of photos and as a result you get a bunch of very similar photos just to make up the numbers. My aim is to tell a story through the photographs - but I don't want it to be a flick book! Rest assured though, you will love every photo you receive.

Q.Should I feed you on our wedding day?

A. I'm never going to turn down food, but please don't worry about me. Caterers are often rushed off their feet making sure everyone gets their food and as a result, we photographers sometimes get left until last at which point I want to be getting back to you instead of quickly stuffing my face with (and not getting time to enjoy) the amazing meal you've arranged! I'm happy to bring my own food. Please let me know if you do plan on feeding me though so there is no awkward moment when I'm eating a sandwich and someone appears with a full plate of food for me! (That's happened... and yes I ate both). Also, I'm allergic to shellfish!

Q. Can I see an example of a full wedding?

A. Of course! Just ask when we meet I'll be happy to bring some full galleries along.

Q. What happens if you're ill on the day of our shoot?

A. If it's a shoot we can move then I'll contact you to see if that's possible, giving as much notice as possible. If it's your wedding you probably won't want to re-schedule that for me (I'm not offended don't worry)! Fortunately, I have a fantastic network of other photographers and I would arrange cover. I'll still edit the photos so you'll get my style of editing.

Q. What will you wear to our wedding?

A. It's important to me that I look professional at all times whilst remaining comfortable on my feet for 10+ hours, so don't fear; I would never turn up in jeans and a hoodie when you're guests are in black tie! I usually wear black trousers and a pretty top, or a smart/casual dress.

Q. I know you own the copyright to the photos, but am I able to get them printed?

A. Absolutely, in fact if you don't get your photos printed I'll cry. On a serious note though, you have "rights to reproduce" digital files, which means you can print and share the images for your own personal use. Just don't enter them into the Best Wedding Photographer competitions! I do have a printing service too, so if you'd like to buy your photos through me you can.

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