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Sustainability Policy

At Libby Clark Photography, I am committed to running a business that is ethical and sustainable. I want to minimise my impact on the environment and also educate my clients and colleagues on the importance of focusing on their own impact.


  • Complete a Carbon Footprint Calculator for my business to see where it is having the most impact

  • Select suppliers carefully, investigating their own sustainability policies before deciding to work with them

  • Only use responsibly sourced materials, for example, recycled and FSC-approved papers

  • Reduce unnecessary travel

  • Educate my clients via social media and guides for wedding clients making sustainable suggestions

  • Review my energy usage and sources

  • Consider sustainability and environmental impacts in all business decisions

Practical Steps

To ensure the above requirements are met I will:

  • Measure the business carbon footprint for the 2022-23 tax year as a benchmark for future reduction. My carbon footprint will be measured at the end of each tax year to ensure I am on track

  • Evaluate where I can reduce the carbon created by Libby Clark Photography

  • Offset any carbon at the end of each tax year

  • Review all business suppliers and check their own sustainability efforts

  • Make changes to suppliers where it is possible (for example there are alternative options for that area of my business that are within budget)

  • Review those suppliers on an annual basis

  • Check all new suppliers are actively making an effort to be carbon-neutral or net zero

  • Review the energy used in my business and the supplier

  • Make changes to my working environment to reduce energy usage

  • Reduce unnecessary travel by replacing face-to-face meetings with Zoom calls where possible

  • Actively market to weddings within 60 miles of my base to avoid travel around the country



Legal Restraints

  • There are no legal or regulatory requirements that affect my business at this time


Who does this Policy apply to?

  • All staff



Policy Compliance

  • I expect Libby Clark Photography to be able to fully comply with the policy by April 2024



Policy Administration

  • I (Libby) am responsible for maintaining and updating this policy. It will be reviewed annually as part of my promise to continuously improve

Version 1 - 19/07/2023

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