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Embracing Sustainability: My Journey to Being a Green Wedding Pro

Hey there, lovely souls! Libby here, your Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, ready to spill the beans on my exciting journey that took me to become an Accredited Sustainable Wedding Supplier with The Sustainable Wedding Alliance. Buckle up, because it's been quite the adventure, and I can't wait to share all the eco-goodness with you.

An envelope reading Let Love Grow on a styled table of glasses - wedding favour of wild flower seeds

Cruisin' Green with My Hybrid Ride: So, picture this: my trusty old car, which had seen more weddings than I can count, decided it was time for a graceful exit. And guess what? I hopped on the hybrid train! Yep, I swapped my old wheels for a shiny new hybrid model, cutting down on those pesky travel emissions and embracing a greener way to zip around.

My Very Own Sustainability Policy: Who doesn't love a good policy, right? I cooked up my very own Sustainability Policy, a roadmap to keep my business planet-friendly. It's like my guidebook for making eco-awesome choices in everything I do. And trust me, it's not just lip service – it's action-packed.

A bride being hugged and kissed by her groom from behind with the sea and tall cliffs behind them

From Paper to Pixels: Can you believe I kicked paper out of my business? Contracts, communications, you name it – all electronic now. Less paper, more trees, and a whole lot of digital convenience. It's a win-win for sure.

Friends with the Earth, and Banks Too: Talking about friends, I'm not just hanging out with the planet. I've decided to give my banking habits a green makeover too. By April 2024, my money will be chillin' with greener providers. It's like matchmaking for a better future!

A bride and groom looking at each other and laughing under an archway of leafy plants

Plastic's on My Watchlist: Plastic, we're watching you! I've got a snazzy reporting system (don't get too excited, it's just Excel) to keep tabs on how much plastic sneaks into my processes. Trust me, this plastic crackdown is real, and it's happening!

Greener Suppliers, Brighter Choices: I've gone shopping, folks! No, not for shoes (although that's tempting). I've revamped my suppliers, picking greener options left and right. Printing with a touch of eco? You got it!

A groom in a tux tipping his bride back as she laughs stood in front of a cotswold country house window with ivy on the walls

60 Miles and a Smaller Footprint: Remember those old maps with a red pin showing where "X marks the spot"? Well, I've set a different kind of "X" – a 60-mile radius for my services. It's all about reducing those travel miles.

Trees, Tunes, and Good Vibes: I'm not stopping at just business stuff. My pension fund? Yep, it's chilling with ethical investments now. My clothes? They're now coming from Vinted (there's just so much!), or ethical fashion retailers. Amazon? That's going to be a tough break up, but knowing how much of it comes from the number one emissions emitter in the world (that's China if you weren't aware, at a whopping 11,680.42 million tonnes next to the UK's 326 million tonnes of Co2e) I'm more determined than ever to stop making small purchases with no thought of its airmiles etc. And that's not all – I'm excited to announce that every wedding booking comes with a tree dedication. It's like planting love while capturing love!

A bride and groom walking up the aisle, lifting their hands to celebrate their marriage

Sustainability Education – Coming Soon to Conversations Near You: Brace yourselves, lovebirds! I'm cooking up some seriously cool sustainable education to sprinkle into our convos. Because together, we're not just celebrating your big day, we're giving the planet a high-five too.

So there you have it. My journey to becoming your favourite green-minded Wiltshire Wedding Photographer has been an adventure. Who knew so much of our everyday lives had such an impact?

If you're ready to dive into sustainability while keeping the good vibes alive, swing by the Sustainability section of my website:

Catch you on the eco-friendly side of life!


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