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Vicki & Bob's English Wiltshire Countryside DIY Wedding

It's cold and dreary outside, so let's go back to September and the day the gorgeous Vicki & Bob were married. This was one of those weddings that was full of gorgeous little details to the point I've struggled to narrow down the photos today, oh and it was definitely one of my most memorable ceremonies! On to that in a bit...

These guys did things a little differently, which I absolutely loved. No bridesmaids, a first look before the ceremony and they walked themselves down the aisle. It was so personal to the two of them which made it all the more special. It had a real DIY feel as well; guests helped bring the food in that the local Indian restaurant provided, the reception venue was beautifully decorated with bunting and flowers in vintage vases and cute glass bottles, and it was all hands on deck to get ready for the evening party. That's the summarised version, here's the detail.


The morning started and Vicki & Bob's cottage where Vicki was getting ready with her mum. It was quiet and relaxed, exactly what is needed before the madness of a wedding.

Bridal prep - make up being done

Bridal prep - eye make up

Mother of the bride final preparations

Wedding dress hanging in cottage bedroom window

Vicki and Bob chose Bob's young sister Kate to be their flower girl. She arrived feeling a little unsure about all the commotion, not least a camera clicking away at her, but she soon relaxed and had her soon-to-be sister-in-law reading her stories.

Bride reading stories to young member of family

Cousins arrived and it was time to get Vicki into that gorgeous dress! Of course, Kate helped too.

Unhooking the dress

Doing up the brides dress upside down
Sometimes the best way to look at things is upside down

Excited bride

Mums see bride for the first time

Dressed and ready to go Vicki and her family made their way to the ceremony venue... which is when the memorable thing happened!

Bride entering the ceremony venue

About 5 minutes after the above photo was taken a cousin popped her head in and asked the question no bride wants to hear! "Do you know if Bob has the wedding rings? Nobody else seems to have them". Oh god.

Now it's worth also noting that Vicki and Bob asked for a first look before the ceremony. Something I've only experienced once before and it's such a lovely, intimate moment. These guys didn't really follow traditions so there were no concerns about bad luck etc, and it's a beautiful, quiet time before the vows are said and the celebrations really kick off.

Bob was having his meeting with the registrars at this point so I told Vicki not to worry, I'd ask him before the first look and once his meeting was done. So, in I go. "Bob, I don't suppose you have the wedding rings do you?"

Have you ever seen blood drain from someone's face? I have! "I think I've left them at my parents house" - some 40 miles away.

"OK, don't worry, it happens" (it doesn't very often but at this point I just want Bob to be calm)

"It only needs to be a ring for Vicki, not THE ring so we can use something else"

"I don't think I have anything else. I have a ring I'm wearing but it will be too big"

"Here, use my wedding ring. I just need it back before I leave tonight"

"OK, thank you"

Right - now I need to break the news to Vicki who of course immediately asks if Bob has the rings when I go out to get her for their first look. I let her know and somehow she remains relatively calm - massive kudos to that girl!!

In we go for the first look. At this point I've put a blindfold on Bob so that he doesn't accidentally see her before he should. The registrars found this all rather amusing as they'd never heard of a "first look" before. But how worth it for these lovely photos!

Bride and groom first look - groom turned away

Bride and groom first look - groom turns to bride

Bride and groom first look - reaction

Vicki tells Bob she knows about the rings and it's OK.

Bob says "Oh I remembered, they're in the back of Dad's car"!!!

Rings finally located and in the ceremony room it's time for the Bride and Groom to enter. Most brides opt to be walked down the aisle and given away to their Groom, but instead Vicki and Bob walked together down the aisle - aww! I couldn't stop smiling!

Bride and groom walk down the aisle

Kate provided the rings to her big brother and soon enough Vicki and Bob were Mr and Mrs.

Flower girl delivers rings
We'd given up with shoes at this point - can't blame her, I'd have done the same!

You may now kiss the bride

Confetti shot

The wedding breakfast and reception were held at a village hall local to Vicki and Bob. And how do you think they got there with their guests? By an amazing, vintage double decker bus!

Bride and groom get on bus

Vintage double decker bus

Welcome drinks were held outside in the sun, with hay bales lined up to provide rest for weary feet in high heels. Beer in buckets and cider in a wheelbarrow.

Welcome drinks in the sun

Flower girl runs around

Meanwhile, inside, the hall was decorated beautifully. With flowers in vintage jugs and glass bottles, bunting across the ceiling.

Village hall wedding decoration

Vintage enamel jug of flowers


Summer wedding country flowers

Wedding table layout vintage

English country bunting

Cordial dispensers

Food was provided by a local Indian restaurant that Vicki & Bob love. It really made me smile to see the restaurant owner turn up and guests start helping him to bring in the food.

Guest brings in food

Whilst the food was brought in I stole Vicki and Bob away for a few minutes to walk around the village and do some portraits.

Irregular Choice wedding shoes

Actually I just wanted a photo of those shoes!!

Bride and groom in english village

Bride and groom in english country lane

Bride and groom in english country lane

Bride and groom walking

Brides bridal bouquet countryside flowers

Food was eaten, speeches were made and giggles were had. Friends and family stepped in again to help clear the tables and serve champagne.

Bride and groom laughing

Taking a selfie

Pouring the champagne

Guest holds up polaroid photo

names replaced with polaroids - wedding breakfast idea

Bride dancing and singing mum laughing

With tummies full it was time to clear the decks and get ready for the evening! Everyone helped clear the room, dad swept the floor and the band arrived.

Sweeping the floor

Changing shoes to dance
Appropriate dancing footwear was required for the evening

Have you ever thought about what kind of band you'd like at your wedding? Vicki & Bob chose a Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) band, so instead of the traditional first dance with just bride and groom the whole room was involved. This completely took me back to my primary school days when we'd do Country Dancing in May. It was so much fun watching everyone, tapping my feet along to the music. I can highly recommend it and I've since been looking out for local barn dances where I live (I found one).

Getting ready to dance ceilidh

Sneaky kiss bride and groom ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Ceilidh dance

Massive thanks for Vicki and Bob for having me capture their day. I can't express how much fun I had and how welcoming and lovely your families and friends were - I wish I could have accepted the offer of a cider!


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