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Award-Winning Wedding Photographer In Wiltshire

"More than just a wedding photographer"

All packages include:

  • A tree planted in the UK, in your name via The National Forest with a certificate

  • Guides in the run-up to the day with tips for timings, group photos and more

  • An online portal where you can specify your wedding group shots and more details of the day

  • An optional pre-wedding meeting to go over the finer details of the day

  • A wedding gallery where you can view and download your final, edited, high-resolution files

  • An online shop for you and your guests to purchase prints, wedding thank-you cards, wall art, and more

  • The most important thing - peace of mind knowing you've got someone who will do everything they can to ensure your day runs smoothly*

If you want shorter coverage than what I've included below please get in touch. I offer shorter cover for Monday - Thursday weddings and off-peak Fridays and Saturdays.

*I can't control the weather, sorry!



Eucalyptus Package


The one to cover the whole day; two hours of getting ready, getting married, right through to getting sore feet after your first dance.

An 8"x8" album holding up to 50 photos

Maximum shooting time for the above sections of the day is 10 hours



Sage Package

The one to cover the main parts of your day:
Getting Married right through to your first dance as the newlyweds

Maximum shooting time for the above sections of the day is 8 hours


Fern Package


The one to cover getting married through to your speeches.

Maximum shooting time for the above sections of the day is 6 hours

Add Ons...

Second Photographer



For the majority of weddings having one photographer is plenty, but it can come in handy to have a second photographer in some cases.


If you're having a big wedding (typically more than 100 day-guests) having a second photographer there means you get more candid photos of your guests whilst I'm shooting group shots or we're doing the portrait session.


The above price covers a second photographer for a full day - contact me if you'd like a second photographer but only for a portion of the day.

Wedding Album

From £230

Much like the actual photography on the day, wedding albums are investments. They're made to outlive you and are a stunning way to hold those fragile memories.

The "from" price is for a standard 10"x10" fabric-covered album with 10 double pages, but there are options for larger, smaller, and even duplicate albums - a nice little gift for your parents maybe?

Take a look at the album brochure and read about the supplier and why I love them so much.



Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot


I love pre-wedding shoots, or engagement shoots as they are sometimes called!


It's a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know you both before the big day and an even better way for you to get rid of any worries about being in front of the camera.


We'll spend an hour walking around somewhere pretty, practicing different prompts to see what works for you. At the end, you'll have a beautiful collection of photos that you can even use on your wedding day. 


Additional Hours


If you want me for longer than 10 hours I charge a flat rate of £150 per additional hour of coverage. So if you want to get photos of all the partying this is the option to go for!

Send Me A Message and Tell Me All Your Plans

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