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New Album Supplier - I am SO excited about this

If you know me personally you know that running a green business with nature at it's heart is something that has always been important to me. From my branding with package names such as Birch and Oak, business cards made of recycled cotton, through to delivering final photos via an online gallery instead of a USB and doing the vast majority of photo shoots out in the fresh air instead of a studio.

One thing I had struggled with was finding an album supplier who matched my brand and had a business focused on quality products and sustainability. For a while I used a company who produced some beautiful wooden albums; great for my branding, not so great for my love of sustainable products and running a green company as they were based overseas. Brexit definitely has a part to play in this and increased costs so it was time to find someone new.

So here they are...

Here's a quick list of the things I love about this album from the second you open the box:

  • The TLC book - as well as telling you how to keep your album in it's best condition for the rest of time there's a little swatch of the album paper in there. Whilst you're looking through your album it's really easy to want to stroke the pages, but as the acid in your skin can damage the paper they give you the little swatch to stroke instead

  • The cotton cover - it just feels even more special to unwrap something in fabric

  • The album cover - there are so many options but I love the feel of this heritage cotton that I've chosen

  • The print quality - it's like looking at a screen! Often when you have photos printed you'll notice that the prints are a lot darker than on screen and that's because the screen is lit, so of course it's going to look brighter! But with this album it's as bright on page as it is on screen. Pure magic!

Wedding album box showing logo on wooden board with a camera, a plant and wedding rings

Folio's albums are beautifully handmade, offering some truly stunning options to make sure your album is bespoke to you. The best thing? All of the materials are from sustainable sources and 100% recycled! Amazing!

I'm highly aware that not everyone wants leather on their album so I also wanted to ensure there were alternatives to this. My personal favourite is a heritage cotton cover, but these guys also offer a vegan leather alternative which contains no PVC, BPA or solvents.

Folio has even been careful about who they use to deliver their products, choosing DHL and DPD due to their carbon neutral approach.

Open wedding album showing wedding photos. A bride, the bride and groom in a field with the groom kissing the Brides nose, the groom stood in a lane and the Brides bouquet. The album is on a wooden board with a camera, a plant and wedding rings

Here's a few more bits of information about them if you're interested:

  • They’re powered by green electricity from Ecotricity, which is 100% from renewable sources.

  • 95% of their office waste is recycled and their general waste contributes to generating green energy.

  • Their PAS 2060 servers are certified as carbon neutral.

  • Their workshop is heavily insulated, climate controlled and uses low-energy LED lighting throughout.

  • They use 100% recycled stationary.

  • They use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible and severely limit the use of plastic.

Introducing Folio Albums - I can't wait to create your album with you.


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