The Wiltshires Wed in Wiltshire

As many photographers will know, the intention of blogging and the reality of getting it done are two totally different things. I've been wanting to blog the weddings I've done to date for months so, at 6am on a Saturday morning, what better time to get started!

Usually I would blog in order of when I did the weddings, but today is the first anniversary of this gorgeous couple's wedding day so I thought I'd bring theirs forward and share that gorgeous day with you.

I met Jess and Sam a few months before their wedding over a drink so that we could chat all things wedding (and honeymoon). As soon as that meeting started I could tell we would get on like a house on fire. They had the same sense of adventure as me, the same love of the outdoors and I couldn't wait to get their engagement shoot booked in, let alone their wedding!

I could write for hours, but you're not here to see my words are you, so here is a selection of engagement and wedding photos from their day.

Happy Anniversary Jess & Sam! You have a super exciting year ahead of you and I wish you all the luck in the world xxx

The Engagement Shoot

couple laughing
black and white couple portrait

couple in woodland autumn

couple at river severn sunset

windswept couple

The Wedding

winkworth farm

necklace photo locket grandparents

wedding dress hanging

school name tag in wedding dress something old

excited bride to be make up

bride make up

dad reading card from daughter

dad tears in eyes father of bride

semi naked wedding cake

yum cupcake

wedding foliage

page boy flower girl in mirror

bride putting on dress

emotional bride

father of bride first look at bride

bridesmaids first look at bride

groom and dad buttonhole

bride gets to alter

bride at alter laughing

groom laughing at alter

bride and groom first kiss husband and wife

crying bridesmaids