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Amy and Alex - Whatley Manor, Malmesbury

I have so much to say about this beautiful wedding, I don't even know where to start!

Bride and groom under archway of foliage

From the painting of Amy's dads hanging in the church, to the stunning veil Amy wore, the details of this elegant Cotswolds wedding were just stunning.

Group of men saying hello and hugging
Guest laughing

Amy and Alex didn't want a huge affair, so they asked me to only cover a few hours which I was happy to do. My packages aren't set in stone so if you're looking for less than 8 hours all you have to do is ask, like these guys did. But wow, did we pack a lot into those few hours!

I started at the ceremony. It was a typical May spring day and one of those days where you can't quite dress for the weather. Whatever you wear in the morning you'll be regretting by the afternoon as proven by the fact I dressed for warmer weather and got caught in the rain. When it comes to the Great British weather I think you just have to embrace whatever it throws at (or pours on) you, umbrellas and all.

The church was a pretty village church near Amy's family home near Calne, Wiltshire and was so picturesque amongst the cottages and farm buildings around it! One of the details I adored was Amy's dad hung one of his pieces of artwork in the church to cover an unsightly damp patch. I'm rather hoping it's taken up permanent residence there as it looked perfectly in place.

Pretty garden painting hanging in church
St Martin's Church Bremhill, Wiltshire

When Amy arrived in the classic car that was befitting of royalty there were no surprises to see how truly elegant she looked in her simple white dress, finished with a veil that had belonged to her grandmother. It went together perfectly and I hope that veil continues to get passed along the family line for many years to come.

Bride arriving in classic car, photo of bride through the window in black and white
Bride getting out of maroon coloured classic car with help of driver and father
Bride in front of classic maroon car holding flowers with veil out behind her
Bride walking up the church aisle with her father. Groom at the front smiling

During the ceremony we were treated to a live operatic performance of "O Mio Babbino Caro" by one of their guests - it genuinely gave me chills, took my breath away, and brought a tear to my eye.

Guest performing opera song in church
Photo from the back of church of bride, groom and father of the bride
Groom placing ring on bride's finger with her laughing as it gets stuck
Bride and groom having first kiss with guests behind them clapping
Bride and groom at the alter being blessed
Bride and groom leaving the church through congregation, smiling at their guests
Bride smiling to camera as she leaves the church, black and white photo
Bride and groom in the church doorway St Martin's Church Bremhill Wiltshire
Bride and groom being congratulated by guests, outside the church underneath a large rainbow coloured golf umbrella
Bride and groom laughing through the confetti run, guests all holding up umbrellas
Brides bouquet of pinks, purples and oranges

Afterward, we stopped at Amy's family home and took some family photos in the garden overlooking the valley. Of course, the family dog wanted to be involved too and I was very welcoming - if you follow me you know what I'm like when animals make an appearance at weddings.

Family photo with bride and her family plus the family dog
Bride sitting on childhood swing with the family dog next to her

Finally we went on to the absolutely stunning Cotswold hotel Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa near Malmesbury. Now I won't lie, I'm a typical country girl. I don't mind getting my hands dirty or carrying my own things, so when I was asked by a very kind member of staff "would you like help with your bags madam" I did genuinely look around me to check it was me he was speaking to! This place is definitely on my list of hotels to go back to and visit as a guest and make use of the spa at the end of a busy wedding season.

Whatley Manor Hotel and Spa, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, Cotswolds

I spent an hour or so with Amy, Alex and their friends and family where people laughed and joked, ate and drank and we had a great time taking some group photos out on the terrace.

Bridesmaid holding and talking to baby
Bride and groom in front of Whatley Manor terrace with guests all waving from behind
Bride and groom in front of Whatley Manor terrace with guest photo bombing in the middle
Bride and friends in front of cotswold hotel window. All friends looking at her laughing and smiling
Guests laughing on Cotswold hotel terrace
Bride groom and bridesmaids doing charlies angels poses
Bride with groom and best man all laughing towards the camera
Bride and bridesmaid laughing with guest
Bridesmaid covering her mouth laughing with another guest looking at the camera laughing inside wood panelled room at Cotswold hotel
Bride laughing with guests inside panelled room at Cotswold hotel

I would have loved to have spent some more time there and been able to wander around the grounds more so if you're getting married here too, let me know!

Black and white of bride having her hair and veil adjusted


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