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Weddings of 2022 - You've Been Amazing

2022 has been amazing! I started shooting weddings 12 years ago, but I only took it full-time after I had my little girl in late 2019. Obviously, COVID then hit so 2020 was a year of getting into the swing of being a mummy and 2021 was a whirlwind of micro weddings and postponements.

2022 has been my second year of doing this "job" full-time and I've loved every second. By the end of this year, I'll have done 30 weddings between March and December, across Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds, Somerset, Devon, Wales and Oxfordshire.

Here's a selection of my favourite photos from this year except for one wedding I've only just shot!

Jenny and Tom - The One With All The Flowers - The Pear Tree, Purton, Wiltshire

Amy and Jordan - The One With The Stunning Church - Highworth and Spittleborough Farm, Wiltshire

Emma and Chris - The One Where The Church Warden Wouldn't Let Me Take Any Photos At All During the Ceremony... So I Used The Touch Screen On My Camera - A Church nr Lechlade, Gloucestershire

Brian and Faye - The One With The Traditional Phillipino Money Dance - Also The One I Did With Tonsilitis - Oops - Hilton Hotel, Swindon, Wiltshire

Rachel and Neil - The One With The Bouncy Castle And Swimming Pool - Widbrook Grange, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Sue and Barry - The One With The Stunning Gardens - New Place Hotel, Shirrel Heath, Hampshire

Tom and Hannah - The One In A Cinema, Then A Train Coach, On The Beach And The One Where I Went After The Bride's Sandal In The Sea - Electric Palace Cinema, Bridport, Dorset

Rachel and Michael - The One That Was An After Party To The December Wedding - Woodborough, Wiltshire

Emilie and Sam - The Intimate Wedding Before They Moved To UAE - Bowood Hotel, Wiltshire

Cordelia and Phil - The American Wedding In The Cotswolds - Buckland Manor, Worcestershire

Sarah and Ben - The One With The Dog And The Sunset - Elmhay Park, Frome, Somerset

Louise and Martin - The One With The Cosworth Car and Dad-Daughter Dance We All Cried At - Bowood Hotel, Wiltshire

Iona and Michael - The One With The Most Epic Sunset I've Ever Seen - Chalk Barn, Rushall, Wiltshire (I have way more favourites from this one but they've only received their gallery today so I won't share them yet!)

Amy and Mark - The One With The Hair, The Crown, The Dress, The Suit, Bristol Streets In The Rain - The Radnor Rooms, Bristol


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