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Picturesque wedding, at the Leftbank Village, on the Wye in Hereford. Louise & Norm get hitched.


Many of the weddings I photograph are near to my home town of Devizes, but I am always happy to travel outside of Wiltshire to take photographs at lovely weddings, in stunning settings like this.

Although Herefordshire not my home county, is a beautiful place and I always feel at home there when I visit for work or to see friends. I have spent many a happy occasion in Herefordshire in the past, enjoying one or two glasses of the delicious cider they are so good at producing!


Talking of tipples, here's the gorgeous Louise enjoying a little wedding day snifter before heading into the ceremony. Bottoms up Louise!


While Louise steadied her nerves with a glass of fizz, Norm's best man was there to keep him relaxed whilst he waited at the top of the aisle for his wife-to-be. He certainly kept him (and me!) smiling.


Any final nerves were completely gone by the time Louise had reached the top of the aisle. I am sure it helped that the registrar and Louise went to school together. How wonderful to be able to share such a special event with a childhood friend.


I absolutely loved the super rustic vibe of the venue. It was friendly, informal and intimate, and utterly perfect.


The simplicity of the theme was in keeping with the look of the venue, and it got extra points from me because I am a big Queen fan, so when I saw the greatest hits CD used as part of the styling and table plan, I got rather excited.


Norm and Louise had their engagement photos I took of them dotted around the reception room which was so nice to see. When I’ve done a pre-wedding, engagement, or proposal shoot with the wedding couple, they do often choose to feature their photographs on wedding invites or as part of the wedding reception decoration. I love it!


Norm’s daughter and Louise have the best connection, it was so touching to see, and they had me and the guests choked-up, especially during the speeches when the love they had for each other was so clear to see. Step-mum/ step-daughter goals!


Louise looked gorgeous in her dress. It had a touch of old-fashioned glamour. A daring low back, perfectly fitting, with beading and lace, it had that Great Gatsby look to it. Teamed with the prettiest of bouquets, it was a really striking look.


The reception meal led easily into the evening party, with everyone enjoying the music and the dancing, started off by Norm and Louise with their very romantic first dance.


I think it was this wedding that was the moment my husband truly appreciated how physically demanding the job of a wedding photographer is! Louise and Norm's was one of the last weddings I did before having my daughter, so as I was heavily pregnant I took Stu with me to carry the kit and most importantly, to hoist me off the floor every time I bent down to get a shot and couldn't get up again!

Even though I was tired by the end of the evening, I was having such a good time, that each time I’d start to pack-up ready to leave, another Queen song would come on and I’d be straight back to the dance floor capturing some outstanding Dad dancing.


Eventually, the lovely Louise stepped in and sent my waddling bum home; I think she knew I’d carry on taking pictures all night if I could.

I got this last shot of the beautiful, riverside venue in the moonlight before I made my way home to Wiltshire with my husband, more appreciative of the hard work that goes in, but of the great fun that you can have working in this brilliant job.



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