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What Should I Wear for Our Engagement Shoot?

A question I get asked before most engagement shoots is "what should I wear?!". The answer is simple - whatever you want! But be practical.

I do engagement shoots outdoors so you probably won't want to wear a long evening dress with stilettos or a tux with dress shoes, but I'm not stopping you if you do.

Can I wear black?

Well you can, but black can look a bit morbid and this is a happy occasion so maybe mix up a black top with a nice coat?

Should I dress smart?

Again, it's totally up to you. I usually suggest smart casual, so gents that can be a shirt and jeans, ladies you can wear a dress or a pretty top and jeans. My rule of thumb is would you wear it to dinner at a nice restaurant? Yes? Then wear that.

I've heard photographers mention "colour casting" - what is it?

It's a photographer's headache sometimes. Strong colours, like bright red, yellow or green (and I mean bright like the colours kids love) have a habit of reflecting their colour onto what's around them, so if you're wearing a red top you'll have a red chin/neck/face.

How about footwear? We're going outdoors so should I don my walking boots?

If you want to! Wear what ever is comfortable. We won't necessarily walk too far, but depending on where we are the terrain can be muddy or stony so dress appropriately.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a guide. Try not to overthink it though. We're there to have fun and it's your chance to practise in front of the camera before the big day itself.


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