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Amy and Mark - Engagement Shoot in Bristol

What do you do when you run into friends who have just got engaged? You spring a surprise engagement shoot on them, don't you? Or is that just me...

I'd just turned up to Bristol Registry Office to shoot a short wedding and being the country bumpkin that I am, was incredibly confused (but oddly accepting) when a random person ran up behind me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Honestly, my first thought was "I know people are friendly in Bristol but is this one of those random things like Hug-A-Stranger?". I turned around the see who the culprit was and was very excited to see my friend Amy who, thanks to Covid, I'd not seen in over 18 months. I had about 30 seconds to say hello when she announced she and her boyfriend Mark were off to go engagement ring shopping!

There was clearly only one thing I could do to celebrate such exciting news with them, so as soon as I was finished at the wedding I called them to see if they were still around. I was so glad they were! Once I'd taken a good look at that amazing vintage ring I announced we were going for an impromptu engagement shoot - thank god they obliged or that could have been awkward.

So here is the outcome - I've fallen in love with the bustling streets of Bristol a little, but not enough that I wasn't glad to get back to my village home where dark is pitch black and quiet is nothing but a croaky owl hooting.

Congratulations again Amy and Mark!


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