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An Amazing Engagement Shoot on a Berkshire Dairy Farm!

Yep. This happened. I almost peed my pants with excitement when Peter and Karen agreed it would be fun to do their engagement shoot on their Berkshire dairy farm. Think wellies, think mud, think rolling hills... think calves!!! I can't honestly say I ever expected to say the words "there's a cow licking my ass" full stop, let alone halfway through an engagement shoot but there you go; life throws all sorts at you and if you don't laugh you'll probably run away screaming. What's more Peter had even gone and bought a wedding dress from a charity shop so that we could have some photos on the farm without worrying about the inevitable trashing of the dress.

If you live on a farm please get in touch! I'd love to photograph you and your family on it.

Couple kiss against barn cladding

Man lifts woman to kiss her in middle of cow shed

Couple walk down centre of cow shed

Couple laughing in cow shed

Couple dancing in field
Practising the first dance

Couple look at view over Berkshire Wiltshire and Gloucestershire

Couple walk up farm track

Couple kiss amongst cows

Line of cows
The offending cow...

Couple with calf sniffing wedding dress

Couple on hay bale

Woman on gate being kissed by man calf chewing wedding dress
Dress = trashed


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