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Becky & Craig - Engagement Shoot in Swindon's Hidden Gem

I'm finally catching up on some blogging!

I love a pre-wedding shoot, I've probably said that before. It's the perfect time to get to know the couple who's wedding I'll be photographing, and there's a lot more time to get some gorgeous portraits. The actual wedding day is such a busy day, with so much squeezed into a short space of time that realistically there's only about 15 minutes to run away for some portraits. For pre-wedding shoots I'll take at least an hour walking around, getting a couple to interact in a natural way.

Becky and Craig chose Town Gardens in Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire for their shoot. Somewhere close to home and a lovely little part of Swindon I had never visited in the five years I lived there (I literally lived 1.5 miles away). It was gorgeous!

We got there nice and early, when the light was soft and there were very few other people around. Here are the results of this wonderful, intimate shoot with so much love and laughter.

Stay tuned for the wedding, coming soon on the blog!


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