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Shaun & Jade - An Engagement Shoot at Dawn, Lechlade-upon-Thames

I’m so in love with these images, I hope you love them too!

sunrise couple laughing

It’s from a recent pre wedding shoot I did – at dawn, with low lying mist and everything! These two have so much chemistry I can’t even describe.

kissing on fence, sun through trees

I always include pre wedding shoots with any of my full day wedding packages as I know so many people get nervous in front of the camera. It’s a perfect opportunity to find out what works and what doesn’t before the actual day, not to mention getting those lovely intimate portraits in a setting that means something to you and isn’t necessarily your wedding venue.

gentle kiss on nose

Shaun, Jade and I have been trying to get together to do this shoot for a few months. At first we thought we would do it at their wedding venue in the autumn, but the weather took a turn for the worse and we lost those beautiful leaves. Then we thought we’d try in the spring with all the blossom. Suddenly, before any of us knew it the blossom was here and none of us could find a date that worked! So one night, on a hot may bank holiday weekend, on the way to the pub with Shaun and Jade (they’re friends too), watching the sun set over the rape seed fields I suddenly had a thought. “What about a shoot at dawn guys?” The answer was a resounding yes so we made plans to do it that Monday morning.

sunrise over the river thames with mist

Shaun and Jade had their first date in Lechlade-on-Thames so they had the idea of going there for their shoot. I checked the time of sunrise and we met at 5:15am. Now I am not a morning person, but as soon as I drove over the hill looking down to Lechlade I knew it would be worth the 4:30am alarm tenfold! We arrived and started to walk down the river.

butterfly kisses

Shaun and Jade told me there was a special place they’d like to reach as it was where they had their first kiss, on a bridge over the river, so we made our way down, through fields of cows, passed swans gliding through the still water of the river, disappearing into the mist. And that light! Oh it was stunning. The sun started rising exactly as we started the shoot. The lighting conditions were changing every second so we knew we had to be quick but these guys were amazing. There is so much love, laughter and joy between them they can’t help but smoulder in front of the camera.

first kiss on bridge

butterfly kiss on neck

couple giggle laugh

Rather than setting poses that can look stiff and uncomfortable I like to use prompts, such as instructing the groom to give her butterfly kisses on her neck, and dance as if it’s your first dance. The latter was a small challenge initially as Shaun and Jade had never been one for dancing, but by the end of the shoot we had Glen Miller’s “In The Mood” playing and I taught them some spins to do for the camera! I’m looking forward to seeing those moves at the wedding in October!

first dance practice

learning to spin

laughing in the sun

couple dancing at dawn

couple in fields at dawn


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